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The all inclusive Arabic Language Program – new registration

This program aims to teach Arabic to non-speakers and help them master it through listening, speaking, reading and comprehension skills.
It is a program that covers a whole semester of 14 weeks: 2 sessions per week; a 60 minute group session and a 30 minute session for 2-3 people.

-Program start date is: 18/09/2021
-Class times: Saturdays & Sundays morning time slot 9:00 – 2:00 or evening time slot 4:00 – 9:00 Istanbul standard time.
-Age group: children ages 6-13 and adults 19+
-The curriculum: Afnan (A product of Fenmektoob).
-Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this program
Program cost: 270$
Gender : Male female
Description of the student in terms of language:
Understands and speaks little
Understands and does not speak
Does not understand and does not speak

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