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Dandana product

A phonic vocal creative curriculum accompanied by mini booklets designed as a tool to assist students learning Arabic as a second language.


Helping students master some phonetic grammatical rules which are often a huge learning challenge for second language learners. An example of such challenge is proper use of pronouns referring to names and verbs.

What Does Dandana Teach:

Some audio/unwritten grammar rules, such as:

  • Pronouns with Names
  • Pronouns with Verbs
  • Conjugation
  • Formulation of Derivations

Product Details:

  • This product is distributed over five levels
  • This product is designed to suit children’s learning abilities and is suited for adults self-teaching in a group or individual setting
  • There are approximately four lessons in each level
  • In each lesson there is an educational lyrical table and lyrical exercises
  • There is a booklet for each level and an audio tool for a the lessons and exercises
  • Each lesson is about 7 minutes long

Dandana’s Method of Achieving her Objective:

  • Gradualism
  • In the quantity of information given from little to more
  • In the quality of information given from easy to harder
  • In the expansion of information from widely used to less known
  • Repetition that ensures each piece of information is reiterated multiple times in each level and across all levels
  • Spontaneity that achieves musical learning


Successful teachers are aware that the absence or presence of these strategies has direct results on effective learning.

Dandana’s Strategy:

Establishing some grammatical rules phonetically through music without directly mentioning the rule to enable learners to use these rules organically without having to refer to them intentionally. This is the strategy that native speakers of the language use.


Which Grammatical Rules are Taught in Dandana?

  • Reference of names to pronouns
  • Reference of verbs to pronouns
  • Framing irregular plurals
  • Sources of verbs and derivatives
  • Framing of the passive verb tense


Details Regarding the Product:

  • This product is spread across five levels
  • This product is suitable for both children and adults in a group or one on one setting
  • Approximately each level has 70 lessons
  • Each lesson can be taught in about five to seven minutes

How to use Dandana:

All the teacher has to do is ask students to open their booklets to the required page then play the accompanying song, which follows the following instructions:


Lesson Steps in Dandana:

  • Each lesson has two pages
  • The right page includes the table which has all the information laid out in an orderly fashion (pronouns are in the same spots) and table contents are sung three times:
  • The first time learners listen and follow along
  • The second time learners listen to the singer in the audio sing the first line then they finish the rest of the table by themselves
  • The third time learners sing the whole table independently
  • The left page has exercises:

This page exposes leaners to information randomly in order to avoid the monotonous method where learners only copy what they have heard and to ensure students are truly able to choose the right pronoun in the appropriate spot.


The audio for the exercise has it twice:

  • The first time the singer sings the whole exercise
  • The second time there is space for the learner to sing

Why do Learners Love Dandana?

  • Because it simplifies rules that are typically complicated to learn
  • Because it adds a fun ambiance while learning dull grammar rules
  • Because it gives confidence in their ability to learn concepts due plenty of repetition
  • Since it is a song based curriculum it allows students to learn organically

What are Dandana’s Principles?

  • Gradualism
  • Repetition
  • Singing


  • This product is an innovative vision to learn grammatical rules of Arabic by ear and in an attractive simple way. Our hope is that you get the desired results after adhering to the tips and instructions mentioned above.
  • Asking God for blessing and success to make this a new avenue that achieves the desired goal of making language grammar acquisition easier and simpler.
  • We welcome your feedback and comments after using the product.
  • It is He who grants success.





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